Game of Thoughts – The Broken Man

Last night’s episode of Game of Thrones had a lot of striking cinematography, particularly with the extreme closeups.  I was really surprised by how gorgeous it looked, and how different.  This series has always been gorgeous, but last night, damn, it was beautiful.

As always, SPOILERS for those who are not caught up with the series.


So this was one of those typical breather episodes of Game of Thrones where many of the pieces and plot points are further progressed and set up for the season’s final few episodes.  But one big surprise occurred this episode, and no I’m not talking about Arya almost dying.  The Hound is back!

One of my favorite characters (both from the show and the books) has made his triumphant return and I couldn’t be happier.  There were rumors that he would every since Ian McShane sparked up the notion that a familiar character would return during some earlier interviews.  But that did not detract from my enjoyment of seeing him return.  Once Ian McShane was revealed during that cold open (the first of the series?), I knew Sandor Clegane would make his way back into our lives, but I kind of wish I didn’t

There are a lot of theories on why the show would bring back The Hound, many people are assuming a Cleganebowl (a fight between The Mountain and The Hound) will happen soon, but I’m not sure.  The Hound is in the Riverlands, might he become involved with the fight between Jaime and Blackfish?  What will happen?  I’m not sure and I don’t want to guess, I want to be surprised by this show again.

So many predictable but exciting things have occurred this season, including the reveal of Clegane and the return of Benjen Stark, so not knowing what will happen over the final three episodes has me excited, for I don’t know if the same events will unfold between the Freys and the Blackfish as they did in the fourth novel of A Song of Ice and Fire.  I want to be surprised, I want to be excited.  For as happy as this season has been, and as well told as this season has been (minus Dorne), I am losing the suspense and shock that I once found in this show.  Was I surprised by Arya’s stabbing?  Yes.  Did I think she was going to die? No.  Outside of the death of Hodor and that whole final sequence of The Door, this series has been following through on many promises, which is great (I will always love the moment Jon and Sansa were reunited), but I’m less worried about spoilers as the show is circling back to the books and fulfilling plot lines in a predictable, but still amazing, manner.  Was I certain that the Hound would return, no, but I had a strong feeling he would, and I wish I was completely in the unknown.

To circle back on the beauty of this episode, I want to share multiple character close ups that I found on Reddit from last night’s episode.  This episode was wonderful to view.


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