American Gods are Coming April 30th


I am about half way through reading Neil Gaiman’s incredible novel, American Gods, and am absolutely loving it.  I decided to pick it up after I saw the first trailer for the adapted television series of the same name.  The show, from creator Bryan Fuller, looked unusual, bizarre, and delightfully violent.  It didn’t look like other shows and the fact that it came from the mind of Neil Gaiman (Sandman), I was hooked before even knowing what the story was.

Now after months of very little news about the show, Starz has just announced that it will be premiering the series Sunday, April 30th at 9 PM EST.  That news has given me such excitement.

The show will, according to showrunners Bryan Fuller (creator of the delightful Pushing Daisies and the delightfully horrific Hannibal) and Michael Green (Heroes), be fairly faithful to the novel.  It is about a man named Shadow (Rick Whittle) who has just been released from prison to find that his wife (Emily Browning) had passed.  Without anything, he is employed by the mysterious and charming man named Mr. Wednesday (the perfectly cast Ian McShane).  In the novel at least, they go on a road trip of sorts, as they become entangled in a war between the old gods (Norse, Egyptian, Arabic) and the new (technology, media, money).

The book is fascinating, as it tells vignettes of Americans interacting with these ancient gods and spirits, and the main story of Shadow and his travels.  It’s a great read and Gaiman has a real talent for creating fascinating worlds filled with rich characters.  With an amazing supporting cast including Peter Stormare (!), Gillian Anderson, and Crispin Glover, this show hopefully is another great fantasy adaptation to come to the small screen.  At the very least, I know where I’ll be on April 30th at 9 PM.


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