Oscar Bait – The Movie

I feel like shows and the internet have made shorts like this before, but Seth Meyers on Late Night came up with this great trailer, satirizing the typical tropes of Oscar films.  It’s funny, smart and on point.  It may not be the most uproarious video, but it has some great moments.

I love the “crying with snot” and “man losing it in the back of the car” pieces.  Honest Trailers had a similar joke about snot crying in their latest Best Picture nominee honest trailer, and it’s still funny when Meyers does it.  This segment touches on each stereotype of a drama that is clearly there for awards attention.  In real life, a movie like thismight have been created with good intention, but you know some actor (cough … Kate Winslet… cough … Leo …. COUGH) or director makes a movie like this just to win that coveted Oscar.  And it can be annoying, and doesn’t always make for the best film.  But that’s the Oscars for you.  Nominate generally amazing films like Moonlight, Arrival, and Hell or High Water, then give it to La La Land (a perfectly fine and entertaining movie with a killer ending and a strong Emma Stone performance, but not the best movie of 2016).  And the above sketch skewers all of that pretense surrounding Oscar bait films.  It’s really good.

Seth Meyers has been killing it with his political videos, particularly every single “Closer Look” segments, but his show has made some solid shorts before.  His Boston movie short was also good, though I feel like I enjoyed that more than others because I actually live in Boston.  The above short is smart and clever, and has some great jokes in it.

I will probably miss out on watching most of the Academy Award ceremony on Sunday, because I’m actually going to see the Academy Award nominated documentary I am Not Your Negro instead, which will probably be the first time I’ve seen most of the nominated documentaries, having already seen The 13th and O.J.: Made in America.  But after La La Land inevitably wins Sunday night (unless some miracle occurs and Moonlight actually takes it), I’ll probably just rewatch Seth Meyer’s Oscar Bait trailer one more time and have a good laugh.

Enjoy the Oscars everyone!


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