Colossal Trailer – Anne Hathaway is a City-Destroying Monster?

Um…what?  I just watched the trailer for the upcoming movie Colossal.  It stars Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis and from what I can gather, is about a woman played by Anne Hathaway who has a strange connection to a monster attacking Seoul.  It is strange, unexpected, original, and funny.  Check out the trailer:

This was not what I expected when I randomly clicked on the thumbnail on YouTube just a few minutes ago.  I heard about a monster movie starring Anne Hathaway was to be released this year, but I expected it to be another overly serious destruction movie that had poorly written characters over acted by Actors (emphasis on that upper-case “A”).  But this trailer was anything but that.

Hathaway’s character looks like a hot mess with fun friends and none of them are taking this demon monster attacking South Korea seriously.  And she can control it by dancing and walking in a playground?  And then she makes it fight? Maybe?  I’m not too sure, but I was charmed by this trailer and its craziness and uniqueness.  It’s tough to find a new twist on old genres, and this seems like the type of apocalyptic comedy cinema needs right now.


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