The Leftovers Season 3 First Look

If you ever want to watch a television show about loss, depression, desperation, and dread, that is also absolutely captivating and highly cathartic in its emotional story, watch The Leftovers.  It is without a doubt not for everyone.  The show will devastate you, and if you aren’t ready to cry or feel every bit of pain the characters feel, then don’t see it.  But, if you are emotionally and spiritually open to watching these characters deal with a pseudo-rapture like event, watch the first two seasons, which are available on HBO Go/HBO Now.

The first season is a little uneven, but its supporting character-centric episodes like “Two Boats and a Helicopter” and “Guest” are brilliant.  And the second season is a straight up masterpiece.  After all, with the third season premiering in two months, now is the best time to catch up on one of television’s best shows.  And to appease those fans who have already seen the first two seasons, HBO has released the first look at Season 3 of The Leftovers.  Check it out:

I love the use of the Beach Boys song “Don’t Worry Baby” in this teaser trailer.  It is highly effective as all of the returning characters, some surrounded by religious imagery stare into the sky.  As the song swells, we think that maybe there will be a sign, and beacon of hope explaining why a small percentage of the world’s population vanished.  But no, the show, even in trailer form pulls a cruel joke on us as a plane sky writes “The End is Near”.  It’s funny and cruel, and sad, just like the show.

To keep the third season fresh, the season will take place in Australia as Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) goes to look for his father, played by the impeccable Scott Glenn.  I am figuratively dying to see this the third season, as watching the first two seasons back to back last year was one of my favorite moments of watching a television show.  As sad and as painful it was to watch these characters struggle with their shocking and dumbfounding predicament, the show is ultimately cathartic.  I was filled with empathy for these characters, and I longed for the show’s emotional release it provided me.  The show is masterful and I know the third season will deliver.


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