Who you gonna call? – Kids from Stranger Things

So even though we don’t know when Season 2 of Stranger Things will premiere later this year (I’m assuming in the fall, and not the summer like Season 1), Netflix released the first image from the upcoming season today.  The magazine Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive first look, showing the lead kids dressed up in Ghostbuster uniforms.  Check it out:

courtesy – Entertainment Weekly

I’m assuming they are dressed up for Halloween, I hope so at least.

One of my favorite aspects of the first season was the references to specific filmmakers and films.  The show was able to skillfully pay homage to 80s classics without ripping off any of them.  The creators, the Duffer Brothers, clearly had a love for geek culture in the 80s, as the first season was filled with references.  Often a series or movie will relish its references and forget to tell a compelling story or create rich characters.  Thankfully Stranger Things created both.

I hope the second season continues to create a world I want to revisit, and characters I love.  The first season was a ton of fun, and hopefully this image, which shows the incredible kid actors all dressed in Ghostbuster costumes will reflect the continuing trend of great references without relying heavily on them.

A superbowl teaser will apparently air Sunday night, which is exciting.  I hope it doesn’t spoil anything big, and demonstrates the tone and characters the second season has in store for us.


2 thoughts on “Who you gonna call? – Kids from Stranger Things

  1. Karandi says:

    It will be interesting to see how they follow up after the events in season 1. While there were loose ends, it feels like it will be a bit rough getting the story moving again but hopefully they manage it and bring us some more charmingly nostalgic experiences while delivering an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.


    1. thefilmrealm says:

      I agree. When the first season ended I was happy with its end and would have been satisfied if the creators turned the show into an anthology. If I had never had closure on some of those loose ends, I wouldn’t really care. But, with that said, I am glad they are bringing back these characters, because the characters and the style were really what pulled me into the series. I hope, like you said, manage the story well and keep the show engaging.

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