2017 Blog Update


So it has been over a month and I have not posted since I did my week of reviewing several unorthodox Christmas movies.  In January, I had my one year anniversary writing random movie blogs on WordPress through my blog, The Film Realm.  I really enjoyed it but I admittedly did not put in the effort that I initially planned.  I was lazy and wouldn’t write for weeks, or would rush out a review just to say that I posted things.  Some reviews and articles I’m very proud of, several were very popular, and others went unread.

To fix that inherent laziness and half-ass work, I’ve decided to write a post every single day in February.  Some of these posts will be short, maybe a quick thought on a trailer or upcoming film, while others will be my normal reviews and thoughts.  But I really want to make something of this site.  Right now it’s just a casual hobby, and I want to make it something better.

Already The Film Realm is special to me because I finally had the courage and tenacity to accomplish this goal that has been a dream of mine for almost ten years now.  I once thought I was going to attend college to learn to be a film critic, and instead I became an engineer.  Then a year and a half ago, with the encouragement of some friends, I began to write again and start planning out what I wanted to do with this site.  Until finally, during a vacation I took from work, I created this blog in January of 2016.

I’m really happy that I’ve continued to post on this site, but as I said earlier, I know I can do more and I know I can do better.  In February, I want to do more outreach and communicate more with other bloggers (something I’ve said time and time again, but this time I’m going to put in the effort).  I want to learn how to use auditory and video editing software I recently downloaded.  My brother-in-law and I have been discussing doing a movie podcast for years now and I think we are finally ready to begin.  I plan to post those podcasts to this blog.  And I want to make a video essay or review.

I know there are a lot of video makers on Vimeo and YouTube (Chris Stuckmann and Kaptain Kristain to name a couple) that will be a thousand times better than I ever would be (after all, I haven’t edited a short video in six years).  But this is still a skill that I want to learn and an effort I wish to attempt.  It won’t be easy and I don’t know if I will finish a video by the end of this month, but I will try, that I can promise you.  I have the equipment, I just need to utilize them.

I hope this experiment of writing more every single day and reading and following more bloggers will make this site a habit of mine, and not a curiosity that I fail to cultivate.  This site is special to me, and I want it to be special for others, too.

Thank you all for reading anything that I’ve posted over the past year, I truly appreciate it.  Thank you to my friends who keep encouraging me to write and to those who clicked that follow button.  And thank you to those fellow bloggers, who have read, liked, and commented on my posts.  When I first received the notifications that someone liked or responded to a post, I was elated.  It was incredible to feel like I was part of this community.

Thank you all.


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