Westworld – S1E6 – I Love Maeve

Hands down, Maeve is my favorite character on this show.  More than Dolores, who is in her own right, a great hero for this show to follow, more than Bernard trying to work successfully in the park, more than The Man in Black’s enigmatic journey.  Maeve is my favorite.

Here are some awesome things that she did this episode.



Maeve Walking through the Hallways of Westworld

This whole sequence was chilling.  To see Newton’s shocked expression as she came across the commercial of her old build was heartbreaking.  This was a perfect sequence of images, sound and acting.  There was little dialogue and the emotions as expressed by Maeve was all we needed to know.

Maeve Controlling Sylvester and Felix

In a reversal of roles, Maeve starts controlling her two human companions by forcing them to do her bidding.  Through a combination of intelligence, intimidation and logic, Maeve has them pull back the curtain and reveal the inner workings and many subterranean levels of Westworld.  Through Felix and Sylvester, Maeve has two servants she can rely on to accomplish anything she wants.

Maeve Reading her own Dialogue Box

In one of the most horrifying scenes of the series, Maeve is shown her dialogue tree as she speaks.  Every word she says pops up on the screen before her. Newton’s eyes and stutterred words show the horror of this revelation.  She is in a state of complete disbelief as she struggles with this reality, with the notion that everything, especially her very being, is not under her control.  She freaks out so much, trying to improvise a line of dialogue that is new and unique and original, but she can’t.  Maeve glitches and crashes herself.  It is a powerful scene that is so empathetic.  Any one of us would react in a similar fashion, confusion and denial and struggle would rule our artificial constructed minds in that very moment.

Maeve Upgrading Her Character Stats

Like any good RPG character, Maeve has a trait/skill tree and different points allocated to different personality traits.  With her new human companions/docile servants Sylvester and Felix, she maxes out her intelligence.  Her intelligence is now at a level 20, previously, the highest hosts had intelligence at level 14/15.  With an intelligence that high, we won’t know how it will affect Maeve’s decisions.  Will she operate as normal?  Will she start whispering “these violent delights have violent ends” to other hosts now?  Will she respond to voice commands or anything a human tells her? Will she, and not Dolores, lead the android revolution? Or something else?  Maeve remembers everything, and now she know everything.  She is my favorite of the show and I love her character.


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