Westworld – S1E4 My New Man in Black Theory

Westworld just gave us its best episode yet.  This series continuously raises more questions about the plot and the characters, while leaving little morsels of information and answers for us viewers.  It’s a wonderful dynamic and one that is incredibly fun to explore and ponder.  What will these showrunners show us next?  Will Teddy die again?  Who is Arnold?  What is Robert building?  It’s all incredibly amazing.


First off, Teddy didn’t die!  Apparently, as I assumed, he was just horrifically beaten and left tied shirtless to a tree covered in bruises and blood.  But he’s still alive!  He may be Westworld’s Kenny, but at least he survived Episodes 3 and 4.  Maybe his fortunes have been favored.  Probably not if he’s now just going to be beaten up a lot by Wyatt’s gang.  I guess he’s still screwed no matter what.  He’s the park’s symbol of unwanted bad luck and misery.  Also Maeve (Thandie Newton) has quickly become my favorite character on this show.  I love how her memories are revealing more about the hosts’ world and the mythology they themselves are building.  It’s brilliant stuff.

With my constant interest in Teddy’s life/death situation and the intriguing Maeve out of the way, I bring up the one of the biggest questions I have with the show so far that I have yet to seen asked.  No I won’t raise such theories and questions like is William the Man in Black or is Bernard an android or does the show take place on Mars?  Many other sites, especially those with better writers, have made those points.  I want to ask things that I haven’t seen before and things I hope are answered.


Is The Man in Black related to Logan?

Basically I’m wondering if he is Logan’s dad.  I feel that now that the show has debunked the popular William (Jimmi Simpson) is the Man in Black (Ed Harris) theory by showing Thor’s brother say that they should retrieve Dolores while she is out gallivanting with William and Logan (Ben Barnes).  I feel like that is proof enough to know that these stories aren’t separate timelines.  With that theory mostly dead, I feel like the show has now opened itself up to the opportunity to the fact that The Man in Black can still have history with William and Logan in a different manner.

I say that Logan is his son because of a few (admittedly thin) similar character traits.  These are both men who choose to “play” as black hats.  They go around causing havoc, without care for consequences.  If Logan is a player who chooses to play a game on the evil side of the binary moral code, then The Man in Black is a full on griefer and a player who actually glitches the game to find new levels and secrets.  They are both players who don’t follow the main storyline or quests laid out before them.  They make their own adventure without worrying about the individual host casualties (though this week’s episode does show that The Man in Black will save certain hosts when it is convenient to do so.)

They are both rich men.  Logan and William mentioned that they both worked for the same company and that for Logan, it was a family business that had a lot of stock in Westworld.  That shows that it is a generational company and one that most likely has had a lot of history with the theme park.  Perhaps they are one of the original investors, perhaps they are members of the board.  Either way, Logan and The Man in Black have visited the park many times, maybe even together???  If Logan works for the same company as his father, then that means his company saves lives, as shown when another guest interrupts The Man in Black to thank him for his work and how it saved his sister.  The Man in Black isn’t true evil.  In the park, he may do as he pleases, but in the real world, he clearly is a man of substance, one whose work has generated him notoriety and praise.

William told Logan that he is normal in real life but so evil when he steps into Westworld.  If Logan isn’t this much of a dick in real life, perhaps he does a lot of good in the world, perhaps his company isn’t evil too.  After all, I don’t see a person like William working for a big company that would capitalize on morally ambiguous deals.  William sees the humanity and goodness in others, he wouldn’t work for some conglomerate that gets away with heinous deeds, he has too much virtue and heart for that.  Thus, if the company that William and Logan work at isn’t morally unjust nor awful, then perhaps their company too saves lives, maybe even the same lives as the Man in Black’s company, thus meaning that Ben Barnes is Ed Harris son!?!?!


Admittedly, this is a theory I only thought of after seeing Episode 4, “Dissonance Theory”. I don’t have a lot of evidence but neither did the William = Man in Black theory.  But that’s one of the great aspects of this show.  The fans have so quickly banned together to try to solve this world’s puzzles.  We are all theorizing, trying to predict character relations and future plot points.  It’s like LOST and Game of Thrones.  I love reading about others’ views and opinions and ideas about the show.  The discussion is so fun.  It’s exciting to know that others care and love this show as much as I do.  Hey, I’m not saying that this theory is true, but if it turns out to be, then that would be pretty cool.



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