Sausage Party Review – WTF was that brilliance?

So I finally saw Sausage Party after months of anticipation, and I was not disappointed.  I was surprised, shocked and awed by this very much R-Rated animated movie that ultimately makes Team America look like Disney film.

First off, no children should see this movie.  I did not find it offensive, but I don’t a kid would want to see (SPOILERS) a few pieces of food have anal sex (for starters).  It would be a lot to process if a five year old went in thinking it was going to by Toy Story with food and instead they see what the effects of bath salts are.  Then again, no parent should be stupid enough to show this to a young child, though every parent and adult should see this film because it is hysterical.

I loved this movie.  Like many Rogen-Goldberg films, it is smarter that you’d expect and has a lot of heart.  This film explores friendship and romance like their past scripts did, but this time, they are telling an allegory for the pitfalls of organized religion while showing the beauty that can come with faith as a hot dog (Seth Rogen) discovers the truth of the relationship between food and the humans while traversing through a supermarket.  And it works.  It really does.  It can critique following lying leaders while teaching that it is good to embrace those of another belief system if honor and respect is involved.  The message of this film, which is ultimately about hope, is a good one, just not one I expected where there are hot dogs smoking weed, having sex, and watching their fellow food friends murdered and devoured by the “gods” (i.e. humans).

I don’t want to talk too much about the jokes and the scenes in this film, because there are a lot of surprises in store (no pun intended).  Just know that the voice cast is fantastic, and I particularly loved Selma Hayek’s taco shell and Edward Norton’s Woody Allen-esque bagel.  Everyone is very funny and Michael Cera and Nick Kroll have some stand out moments as another sausage and a douche, respectively.  You know you’re in for a good time when the villain is a literal douche who gains strength by drinking the juice out of a juice box’s groin.  It’s good stuff.

Just go see Sausage Party if you want to see an intelligent comedy that isn’t afraid to be offensive and grotesque and fantastic.  I really enjoyed this film and I hope everyone enjoys it.  In a summer full of middling blockbusters, it is nice to see a Hollywood movie so unafraid to be original and really full on fucking bonkers.  Go see Sausage Party, you’ll be amazed.  Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll still be amazed by what’s on screen.


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