Justice League Comic-Con Footage Thoughts

I hear you can talk to fish…

In the same day, Warner Brothers not only dropped the first official Wonder Woman trailer, but also the first public footage of their other 2017 release Justice League.  Before I give my thoughts on this brief footage of recently shot scenes, press play on the video below.

Well that is certainly different from Batman v Superman.  As one of the few people that enjoyed most of BvS and didn’t outright hate its overtly serious tone, I’m glad that Warner Brothers is continuing the story of these characters while also learning from the criticisms of the many.  This film looks like a movie that will rely on the clashing personalities of these characters.  Granted the film is still in production so this sizzle reel can’t show a lot of action of finished effects, but I’m glad the Warner Brother’s marketing department created a first look that focused on the character dynamics and not solely on the reveal of each hero, which of course was still present.  The focus was on the characters, and it looks promising.

I loved the world that was presented in today’s Wonder Woman trailer along with its visuals, so I have to admit that I was more impressed with that trailer than the Justice League‘s, especially since The White Stripes’ “Iggy Thump”, although an awesome song, didn’t accompany shots of Batman well.  The two are just too tonally different.  Though I would watch Jason Mamoa as Aquaman drink multiple bottles of liquor with crashing waves in the background to the entirety of “Iggy Thump” on repeat.  That would be something to behold.


Aquaman looks menacing, Wonder Woman and Batman still look incredible, Cyborg’s CG suit still needs some polishing, and Ezra Miller looks like a great addition as The Flash.  Gone are the incredibly confusing and over the top electrical effects from BvS that caused The Flash’s first scene in the series to be incomprehensible.  Now the electric/lightning effects are still present, but they are less prominent and more visually appealing.  And Miller’s Flash seems arrogant, vulnerable, sad, and human, a much welcome addition.

This was a solid first look at a sequel to a film that was undeservedly maligned.  Yes Batman v Superman wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful and most certainly not one of the worst superhero films ever made.  Zack Snyder and the producers have clearly listened and have added levity and more character focus into their sequel.  Let’s hope that future trailers for Justice League continue on the Comic-Con footage’s promise and an exciting trailer is released later that is as good as the Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad trailers.



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