The Accountant Trailer

The teaser trailer for The Accountant was released a little while back, but having caught it again, I am still impressed by how much suspense and mystery this two and a half minute trailer pulled together.  Check it out:

Now that is how you cut together a trailer.  Many trailers try to use rhythm to convey suspense, particularly any trailer overusing the Inception BRAHMS, and fail.  The images cut together with the loud horns or bangs don’t excite, they just start big and fall flat.  These trailers are for many modern action blockbusters, like the recent Independence Day: Resurgence trailer.  The sound in the trailer doesn’t add to the danger shown in the visuals; it feels artificial.  But that’s not the case for The Accountant’s trailer.

The beat of windshield wipers and finger tapping on a desk with the haunting Radiohead song, “Everything in Its Right Place”, builds upon the images shown.  As the trailer reveals the violence capable of this silent accountant, cut with his OCD Spartan lifestyle, the rhythmic diagetic sounds with a song in crescendo effectively conveys the suspense and thrills that will hopefully exist in the film.  Each image builds upon the last as we are introduced to guns, violence, assassinations, and the ever present stillness and void in Ben Affleck’s performance.

This is a great trailer that brought a movie that I didn’t know was in production to light.  It is creepy, thrilling and compelling.  It immediately makes me interested in seeing the film.  The trailer even has the bravado of showing no spoken lines by its main star, Ben Affleck.  Instead it opts to slowly reveal Affleck’s character’s darkness and mystery to the supporting players.  This is a highly effective and suspenseful teaser trailer and has immediately placed itself on my watchlist.

What do you guys think?  Did you find the trailer as effective and thrilling as I did?  Let me know in the comments below.


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